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Jan. 23rd, 2020

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Jan. 23rd, 2018

Retired & Homeless @[info]monstersandgods

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Dec. 25th, 2017

#1 - Exquisite and unforgivable.
The boy came into the world tearing the insides of his mother out with him, pieces of her womb clutched in his tiny fists.

#2 - Face down I cry.
The dark-eyed child stared apathetically at the shiny floor, listening to the heart-wrenching sobs and pained cries of his sister.

#3 - Fallen fae.
Zakhar took one look at the strange child and saw potential.

#4 - Light step.
He never announced his arrival, never gave anyone enough time to prepare - he just appeared out of thin air.

#5 - Faery-eyed child.
The servants whispered about the new Petrovsky, christened Gavriil by their lord and master, whispered about the unholy alliance the Tsar had forged with the little folk and received this bird-eyed child in return.

#6 - Slow burn.
"Chin up, chest out, keep your back straight, don't make a sound when you walk, be invisible unless otherwise instructed.

#7 - A childhood dream.
"You are mine, Gavrilushka, never forget that."

#8 - Fields of dust.
The revolution swept across the country but shattered into pieces against the malicious hardness of the Petrovskys.

#9 - Final breath.
"Watch over them, Gavriil," the dying Tsar told Gavriil and Gavriil's shiny black bird eyes promised Zakhar everything.

#10 - Reaching for eternity.
He would never love and he would never die.

#11 - Flames of twilight.
The adopted son hid the pain of Zakhar's absence by donning a butler's suit, choking the wail of mourning by wrapping a strip of silk tightly around his neck and tying a perfect knot.

#12 - For the child I will sing.
Vova's child glanced up at him when he hummed a forgotten lullaby and the butler saw potential.

#13 - Serenade the sea.
As soon as he could walk, Sergey followed Gavrill around wherever the tall butler-Petrovsky went.

#14 - Lost beginning.
The little boy watched Gavriil tear out the pheasant's inside and handed him a towel to clean his blood-stained hands.

#15 - Forgotten, not forgiven.
"That was unnecessary," the butler said, a hint of ice in his voice, as he pulled the knife from his stomach and frowned at the young Petrovsky prince.

#16 - Fractured reality.
There was no blood which explained why Seryoga's powers had no effect on the butler.

#17 - Fragile heart.
"Never leave me," young Sergey ordered coldly, and Gavriil answered, "As you wish."

#18 - Angels among us.
Gavriil held the youngest Petrovsky against his chest when it was time to bury Seryoga's wife.

#19 - Haunting lonely pools.
The little Southern mongrel couldn't avert his gaze from the butler's cold black eyes as the servant scrubbed him clean with impersonal but efficient motions.

#20 - Portrait in black.
Gavriil never looked a day older than thirty but there was an old rumour circulating amongst the other servants that somewhere in the palace, there was a painting that took upon itself all the heinous crimes and sins the bird-eyed adopted Petrovsky committed.

Feb. 22nd, 2017

28 days of writing

22. Scars - Archibald & Christian

Once, just once, the Valerian boy wished he could go for a walk with the Stark boy without getting into a fight. Surely that wasn't too much to ask, especially on a sweltering summer's day? His opponent had left the Valerian boy to help his mate which wasn't the smartest thing to do when your were up against the Stark boy. Archie had seen Christian emerge victorious from a brawl with as many as five opponents. Two were nothing. Although it seemed as if Archie had gone off somewhere in his head, he was at his fellow Spade's side, when one of the Diamond boys pulled a knife on him out of nowhere. The blade left a nearly twenty-centimetre-gash on his forearm but the Valerian boy just kept bitching about having his favourite shirt ruined when the two Spade boys walked away, leaving two bleeding Diamonds on the ground behind them.

Feb. 21st, 2017

28 days of writing

21. Blood - Cesare & David

David watched Ces slice up his palm, muttering quietly to himself, as he wove the spell with words and chalk and blood. It was dangerous because no matter how careful you were, there was always an element of uncertainty left when it came to blood magic. There were times when Ces was chewed up by his own spell and didn't regain consciousness until days after. There were times when the magic demanded the lives of all the illusionists the Merchants had recruited for that job.

David thought Ces was insane.

Ces didn't think about it at all.

20. Yawn - Vanya & Grisha

"-and am I boring you?"

The professor sounded even more irritated and annoyed than usual. Vanya blinked and blinked again, glancing up at Grisha with a mildly sheepish look on his face. He wasn't bored, he was tired from entertaining one of those rich fuckers last night.

"N-no? I was listening! Look!" He held up his notepad. "Every word you said."

Even the professor's last question had made it into the young man's transcription.

"Get out. Get out and don't come back, you stupid fucking peasant! I'm replacing you with one of the monkeys!"

But the next day, Vanya showed up at Grisha's lab and still had his job. Just like all the days before.

19. Quit - Maxine/Lucien

"Once a cheater." Her face was a blank mask, betraying none of the hurt and anger chewing up her insides. Without sparing Lucien and the nameless woman in his bed another glance, the Ventrue woman turned on her heels and strode out of his flat.

For months Lucien was left to believe that she had also walked out of his life that day.

18. Anticipate - Sasha & Gerard

One the ride upstairs, Sasha doesn't pay any attention to what's going on behind him. By now, he's so used to the Councillor and his boytoy's lift foreplay that the whimpering and grunting are merely background noise.

When the lift doors slide open, however, he doesn't hesitate as he's still prone to occasionally. This time he turns his head to catch the banker boy's attention, holding his gaze, as if to offer - what? Assistance?

Gerard looks bewildered, panicked, in pain, out of his mind. No use waiting for a response, then.

Sasha steps out of the lift, mild disappointment trailing behind him.

17. Symptom - Ares/Jamie

"What's going on with you?"
"You seem different these days."

Ares frowns down at the heavy head resting on his chest. His fingers curl into Jamie's short hair and gives it a light tug. No reaction. He tugs a bit harder and then a bit harder still. Realising the other man has fallen asleep, Ares uncurls his fingers and simply lets his hand rest on Jamie's head. The neat freak isn't so neat-freakish these days. Sleeps a lot more than he used to and is kind of distracted. He seems thinner, too, almost transparent, but that's probably just Ares' eyes playing tricks on him.

'People don't turn transparent,' a stern and slightly exasperated voice tells the Greek. That's such a Jamie thing to say, even when he's only saying it in Ares' head.

16. Scream - Zeus/Hera

"Fuck this."
"Fuck you!"

15. Dizzy - Cat / Cal

Unimpressed. That Munwane girl was forever unimpressed by Caleb Caustello's anger. She would let him shout and vent and scream, let him have his dramatic entrances, his dramatic exits. This she could handle better than Rachel's quiet grieving.

Tonight he'd snapped at her for whatever reason and she'd been tired enough to snap back. Before they knew it they were engaged in a shouting match which sent the other Clubs running for cover.

Colour high in her cheeks, hands on her hips, glaring daggers at him, it suddenly struck him how beautiful the Munwane girl - not a girl anymore - had become.

Feb. 14th, 2017

28 days of writing

14. Stay - Erik & Marcus

Marcus didn't expect Erik to be home at the place they shared that night. At least that's what he claimed. Since he didn't have the flat to himself, the vampire might as well take the bedwarmer the werewolf had brought back with him. Of course, it was pure coincidence that she was exactly Erik's type and just the right level of drunk.

The roommates of two decades never talked about how they ended up in bed together that night. For a Valentine's day without a real date, waking up wrapped around a caustic, condescending corpse with fangs wasn't so bad, really.

Feb. 13th, 2017

28 days of writing

13. Flowers - Iris & Zeus

At first he didn't notice them. They popped up one by one, sneakily but steadily, those little bursts of colour. Days went by, turned into weeks, turned into months. Perhaps Cronus' youngest son would never have noticed them, not consciously at least, but simply accepted them as part of his life and it would have been fine. But. Things didn't work that way for him, did they?

It was surprising and unsurprising that it should be Hera who brought the flowers in his home to his attention, commenting on the arrangement, on the colour, enquiring about the sender, nagging about how he never used to want her to bring any. It didn't take long for them to get into a shouting match which (unsurprisingly) ended with him Zeus throwing his wife out of his home.

Later, the rainbow messenger arrived to deliver a declaration of war from Hera. Zeus didn't even bother reading it.

"I hope this doesn't stop those mysterious flowers from appearing randomly in my home," he commented lightly, after pouring her a drink, and, as he'd hoped, it wiped that slightly contrite look from his rainbow messenger's face.

Feb. 12th, 2017

28 days of writing

12. Numb - Humility/Pride (Lorenzo/Julius)

A sultry night, a garden. He can hear the sound of water, a fountain perhaps, or some other artificial piece of palace garden decoration. Is it a palace? It feels like it should be one. There are voices from people - Guests perhaps. Is it a party? - muffled laughter, the rustle of brocade, the whisper of silk. Jewellery clinking against glass. Straining his ears, he tries to pick up bits and pieces of conversation- No, that's not right. He isn't straining his ears at all. Those noises float through the night air, carried over to him by the night breeze.

He doesn't care. Not really. Not when there are cool lips against his throat, cool fingers underneath his shirt, teasing touches down his side, gripping his hips to pull him forward. His own fingers are tangled in dark hair, fitting into the space between his lover's ribs. Cool lips find his bitten, swollen ones, taking the kiss he's refused to give all night.

Lust, desire, joy, laughter.

Comfort, peace, love.

This is one of Humility's nightmares.

Feb. 11th, 2017

28 days of writing

11. Impress - Capitalism (Anarchism, Wall Street)

The boys fight.

Feb. 10th, 2017

28 days of writing

10. Gold - Cersei/Jaime

They hadn't seen or spoken to each other since their big fight on her wedding day. For once Jaime had been as nasty and caustic as Cersei usually was, surpassed her perhaps and set a new standard of how deeply they could cut and wound each other with words only. If their little brother (little in stature but bigger in character than either one of the twins would ever be) hadn't interfered and separated his siblings, there would have been blood.

After the ceremony, Cersei had gone on her honeymoon with Robert, and Jaime had gone on a road trip through Africa.

(Later Tyrion would tell Jaime that Cersei's honeymoon hadn't even lasted the length of the flight that had taken the newlyweds to their tropical island. There were rumours about the Mile High Club and some slutty air hostess.)

The first time he saw her again, she was on the telly. Christian Dior had seized the opportunity to enlist Cersei for their latest campaign. They had done a great job at capturing her on film. That strut, the gleam of her golden skin, the mocking smile that was always dancing around the corner of her lips. Jaime watched her shed her clothes, the jewellery, mesmerised as she sneered at worldly possessions whilst advertising for frivolous consumerism.

He almost called her.

Feb. 9th, 2017

28 days of writing

9. Forever - Triteia & Poseidon

The sun was setting, casting a warm orange hue on the beach and the ocean, light dancing on the waves. She pressed her toes into the warm sand, her head resting against Poseidon's shoulder, as they watched Helios disappear behind the horizon. He was talking to her, telling her a story of old, one she used to love as a child. As the first stars blinked awake through the Lady Nyx's coat, it became difficult to keep her eyes open. She could close them, for just a few moments, it would be all right, wouldn't it?

"I love you," she whispered, and Poseidon's voice grew distant, slowly faded, as she drifted off.

The king of the oceans finished his story, holding the lifeless body of his granddaughter in his arms.

Feb. 8th, 2017

28 days of writing

8. Jealousy - Alessandro/Gerard AU

Three sheets into the wind the Party Tyrant stumbled back towards the main area of Atom where his flavour of the night, a fierce raven-haired beauty, was waiting for him. He could already see her, that beautiful creature, when he was grabbed by the arm and pulled back into the dimly-lit side corridor. He didn't really mind being slammed against the wall, didn't really care who was kissing him even though the kiss was painful, bordering on drawing blood. A sense of familiarity crept up on him, surfaced from the deep recesses of his alcohol-marinated brain, and he lifted his hand to thread his fingers through hair he knew was a shade of gold and copper.

"What are you doing, bello?" he murmured after Gerard pulled away. Golden eyes sought out Gerard's blue ones in the dim light. A small frown marred his forehead but he didn't try to stop the South African from tugging out his shirt, didn't protest when cold fingers pressed into his sides.

"How can you do this? Fuck everything that comes your way?" Gerard hissed, desperate and sad. "All those sycophants-"

"Don't call them that. They're not that bad," Alessandro hissed back, fingers closing around his summer love's wrist to keep that slender hand from reaching into his trousers. "They make me feel wanted."

Gerard's laugh was incredulous, a harsh and unpleasant sound filling what little space there was between them. "Who wouldn't want you?"

"He doesn't." Alessandro tilted his head and leaned it against the wall behind him. "And you don't, either, do you? Not really, I mean."

And then the tyrant was on his own, alone in that dark corridor, clothes a mess, his fun night out ruined.

Feb. 7th, 2017

28 days of writing

7. Blue - Eric & Gerard

Eric didn't make an effort to remember the names and faces of the grown-up or undead patients coming through the ER. He wasn't interested and lacked the energy to care, and he didn't even think of them as people anymore. What passed through the ER were a series of injuries and maladies, forgotten as soon as the were passed on or sent away again.

The reason he remembered this vampire was because he was brought in with the very same injuries Matt's Russian woman-friend had sustained - fangs stuck in his eyes, poly-trauma - and because he bore an uncanny resemblance to his brother. As he treated this Georg-doppelganger, Eric made sure to let Gerard know exactly what he was doing until the vampire lost consciousness.

Eric didn't expect to see the unfortunate vampire again after patching him up. He didn't know Gerard had come to see him when he was released from the hospital. The nurses had chased the patient away to let the grumpy human catch a few hours of sleep.

Surprise was written all over his face when he glanced up from a chart and found Gerard blocking his way.

"Your eyes are really blue," Gerard said, sporting a similarly surprised expression on his face.

And Eric laughed, earning more than a few surprised looks from the hospital staff surrounding them.

"Funny. I was just thinking the same about yours," was his reply.

Feb. 6th, 2017

28 days of writing

6. Volatile - Julian & Shane

You had to give it to Father Time, all that mellowing people and whatnot. Although Shane's attention appeared to be all their precious client's, only a fraction of it was actually dedicated to listening to a near hysterical tirade. Most of his attention was focused on Julian, watching out for tell-tale signs that the other name partner at the table was losing patience. Shane was mildly impressed by how calm and impassive the other man was. In the past, the screeching creature on the other side of the table would have been turned into a bloody smear on the carpet (or the wall or the windows) ten minutes into the meeting.

They had crossed the half-hour mark and the only sign of life Julian had given the room so far was a soft hum, just to indicate that he was still 'with them'. Another ten minutes later, Shane watched from the corner of his eye how Julian shifted in his seat. Another five minutes later, Julian made a half-arsed effort to suppress a yawn. Another two minutes of screeching later, Shane caught sight of a slight crease between Julian's carefully groomed brows.

Time to break this little meeting up, then.

"Don't think I don't know what you were doing," Julian hummed after the client had been escorted out of his reach the room, a sardonic smile curving his lips.

"I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, Mr Preston."
"But of course you do, Mr Vernand. We know each other better than we know ourselves."
"Oh, I wouldn't go that far."
"No, you wouldn't. That's what you have me for, isn't it?"

They both laughed, that soft mildly amused sound which sent their associates and paralegals running away crying.

Feb. 5th, 2017

28 days of writing

5. Parent - Anton & Voss bastards

To outsiders it might seem as if Anton Voss didn't care about his bastard boys and girls. No good father would allow his first-born to be fucked to death and left in a dirty alley in Moscow. No good father would allow his second-born to make a big splash in the porn industry. No good father would let his daughters work themselves to death in whorehouses or the dirty factories in the South, marrying all the wrong types of men, dying gruesome deaths long before their time.

Whenever it was brought up with him, Anton's only reaction was a slow blink, ice in his eyes, before he walked off.

He wasn't a good father, that much was true. But at least he hadn't chained his blood to a Cartel bloodline. At least his little bastards were allowed to live and die free of the Voss debt their father still carried.

Feb. 4th, 2017

28 days of writing

04. Slumber - Famine & Death

The dark head rested heavily on the cool white pillow. One pale hand, curled into a loose fist rested on top of the white sheet. Dark eyelashes fanned out on pale cheeks. It looked artistic, peaceful (or perhaps a bit spooky). The Black Rider had invaded the Pale Rider's home, staggering like a newborn fawn, a confused look on his face, and collapsed without a word.

He must have been out playing with the other two Horsemen again (or the heathens or that skinny Sin), must have played long and hard to be this exhausted.

Death dabbed at the trickle of blood coming from his brother's nose before he turned off the light and closed the bedroom door behind him. Best let the little one sleep it off.

One of these days, somebody ought to tell Famine to take it easy. Somebody who cared. Somebody.

Feb. 3rd, 2017

28 days of writing

3. Confession - Anya & Matthew

There was no time for thinking. It was a time for acting. He was dying in front of her, and if she had been less selfish, she would not have rushed to his side to keep him undead. In hindsight, feeding him her blood was not the smartest choice and she would have apologised for burdening him with all the ugliness she never spoke about, but she couldn't speak. The German doctor was holding her in his arms, one large hand cupping her head, pressing it against his chest. He held her as if she were breakable, as if he was trying to keep her out of harm's way. Although it was several hundred years too late for that, the Russian doll let the luthier's son hold her, her fingers curled into his shirt.

He wasn't dead. That was all that mattered to her.

Feb. 2nd, 2017

28 days of writing

2. Heart - Michael & Archie

"He's dying." Valerian's tone is gentle and soft. If Michael hadn't known the Nine for the cold-blooded heartless Spade he was, he would have believed the other man actually cared. But this was Stark's brother-in-law, Stark's best friend, a patricide, a fratricide, a monster spawned from the families who believed in all sorts of crazy things.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Your... friend, that Club chef who went to live Outside. He's at Oculus Mei, stage four cancer. There's not much time left." Archie tilted his head slightly, regarding Michael through hooded eyes. "In case you wanted to say goodbye."

It was kind. It was cruel. The Deck was in uproar (once again) and the plushie Jack couldn't possibly make time to go Outside. The Nine watched the conflicting emotions flutter across the Jack of Spade's face and when Michael made up his mind, something akin to disappointment crossed the Nine's.

"I just thought you should know, considering. But it seems I was wrong about you two. My apologies, Mr Brennan. Don't let me detain you any further."

Feb. 1st, 2017

28 days of writing

01. Moment - Anya & Alessandro

"Come with me. There's nothing left for you here." 'Either' hung unsaid between them. He was right of course, the Florentine Prince, the tyrant with the charming smile. After she had very publicly been humiliated by the Councillor, after Vasya had left her for all the right reasons (which hurt and hurt and hurt), after the Bronx adviser - that strange but funny and beautiful Roman - had fallen victim to malicious plotting...

It wouldn't make her life worse if she left with Lorenzo. On the contrary, he had always treated her with courtesy even though he never seemed particularly interested in her as an individual.

"Why?" she then asked, voice quiet, gaze fixated on her folded hands in her lap.

"Because he liked you. They both did." There was the softest of sighs. "So I will like you, too."

Nov. 29th, 2016

Ethan's determination and enthusiasm about finding Ned's family was confusing and slightly worrying. Ned wasn't sure he was ready to face his wife, the boys and girls. After he'd learnt what turn their lives had taken after he had so honestly and honourably thrown his life away, he wasn't sure he could ever face them again.

John Morgan's... lover seemed oblivious to the stress he was causing not-John. Ned didn't have the courage to stop the American but he couldn't not ask, either.

"Why are you doing this?"

"Why?" Ethan smiled the way you smiled at dim-witted children. "I want to see you happy, Ned."

Ethan would get his wish. He managed to find Ned's wife and two of the boys. The reunion was a private affair but the smile on John's face and the tremble in his voice shattered Ethan's heart completely.

"I can never repay you, Ethan Greve."

Studying the light in John's eyes and the wide smile, Ethan shook his head.

"You already have.

The goodbye they shared that afternoon was the last Ethan and Ned had. Ethan disappeared, yielding to a kingslayer of a very different calibre than Ned was used to.

The perpetual sadness was replaced by perpetual wariness mixed with condescension. Ned didn't know what to do with this stranger in Ethan's body, didn't know how to talk or act around him. Macbeth had no such troubles or qualms about telling Ned everything Ethan, the beautiful boy, had gone through after Ned had so effectively broken Ethan and John up for good.

"Poor boy. All he wanted was to die. Didn't care about anything anymore, not even that pretty wife of his. But I couldn't let him squander away my second chance like that, could I? And then you came along with your neat little story about poor dead John and changed everything. I'd thank you for that if it didn't seem rather crass. Ethan had, after all just found a little joy in life again before you slayed him with your family reunion.

"If you'll excuse me now. I have my own family reunion to orchestrate."

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